Aide (Relief)

New Dawn Guest Home / 50 Military Road

Seeking experienced, compassionate and client-focused Aides to join our team at the New Dawn Guest Home!

Duties and Qualifications

Performance Requirements

  • Follow standards as set in the New Dawn Guest Home Policy and Procedure Manual in regards to Medication Administration
  • Charting to ensure any ongoing record of the residents health
  • Provide quality care
  • Provide respite care
  • Provide emergency response – First Aid, CPR, Evacuation, Pandemic Planning
  • Valid First Aid and CPR
  • Follow Infection Control Procedure as per NDGH Infection Control Policy
  • Ensure safety and security of residents.
  • Although it is not required, assisting co-workers when possible is encouraged and appreciated. We are a team!

Duties of Aide

  • The Aides are responsible for the safety of the medication room and the medication cart at all times. Keys for these areas are to be with the Aides on Duty only.
  • Follow guidelines of New Dawn Guest Home Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Follow Doctor’s orders without deviation
  • Administer medications only when given a written order
  • Daily update of the Medication Administration Records(MARS sheets)
  • Preparation of medication if a resident is leaving the premises for an extended period of time
  • Record and initial the dates and time away and the amount and type of medication issued to the resident
  • Double check that enough medication is issued for the time the resident is away
  • Follow the procedure according to the New Dawn Policy and Procedure manual for administration of medications at all times. And all policies pertaining to medication.
  • Ensure that all medications are reordered to avoid any drug shortages
  • When the medication order has expired or no further refills are available the aide must notify the Doctor to acquire a new prescription or update Doctor’s orders
  • The Aide is responsible for the administration of ‘preparation orders’ for specific procedures including and not limited to colonoscopy exams, CT scans, Blood Work, Colon Cancer Screening tests, upper GI tests.
  • Verify the orders of the Physician with Lawton’s Drugs or the Doctor when there is a question concerning the Physician’s orders
  • Document resident’s daily activity (visits, doctor appointments (why appointment was needed) in appointment book, social activities and work related information) in the “progress notes” and sign at the end of each shift.
  • Accompany residents (as required) to medical and dental appointments, other appointments as required.
  • Complete flow sheets for diabetics, residents with High Blood Pressure etc. (as ordered).
  • Give report to staff at shift change in staff room (if available) to AIDES (only)and/or Administration (if needed) on all important issues from previous shifts.
  • Report to Administrator in accordance with policy & procedure.
  • Open a resident’s chart upon admission
  • Update and sign the chart at the end of each shift
  • Assist the residents in maintaining personal hygiene:
  • Bath or shower at least once a week
  • Help the resident with hair care, oral cleaning, choice of clothing and dressing as needed
  • Assist clients who are ill with flu like symptoms, colds, post- surgery care, post dental care and care after medical procedures.
  • Cleaning body fluids due to illness/accident and prepare area for disinfecting by Housekeeper.
  • Supervise all ointments and treatments for psoriasis, eczema, or any other topical skin conditions (as needed).
  • Assist residents with walking braces, arm braces, canes or special shoes
  • Dispose of soiled or infectious laundry
  • Clean and sanitize mattresses, and complete bed frames on a monthly basis
  • Strip and change the resident’s beds weekly, disinfect mattress. If bedding is soiled due to incontinence or sickness bedding is to be laundered and conduct a room check to collect any dirty laundry and drop if off in the laundry facility.
  • Assist all residents with keeping their rooms, closets, bureau’s, shelves etc. neat, tidy and free of clutter, garbage, unused clothing and seasonal changeover of clothing.
  • Coordinate all respite intake patients on weekends
  • Prepare any beds and living quarters for respite residents
  • Coordinate with the hospital or community services to determine the reason for admittance and to clarify any directions required for care of the resident
  • Respond to emergencies in the New Dawn Guest Home
  • Coordinate the EMS response contacts and appropriate services, and assist the residents in evacuating the residence
  • Inform the emergency response team on the nature of the emergency
  • Maintain fire drill reports
  • Maintain communication with the residents next of kin on all matters pertaining to residents
  • Be up to date on “Pandemic Planning” for the facility
  • Resolve resident conflicts
  • Update all basic training as required
  • Aides are responsible for residents who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments. All doctor orders must be followed, medications must be administered at correct intervals and blood work orders must be on a timely basis.
  • Sanitize tub and shower after each use (floor and chair), sanitize tub after each use.
  • Prepare taxi slips & MAR sheets for residents going on appointments or to work
  • Move resident belongings when a resident has a room change/discharged from facility.
  • Any other duties, which the Administrator deems, appropriate.

Required Qualifications

  • Valid Residential Care Worker, Disability Support Worker or Continuing Care Assistant diploma.
  • Valid First Aid/CPR certificate
  • Medication Awareness Training
  • Valid Food Hygiene certificate
  • Fire Life and Safety Training
  • Clear Criminal Records Check

Reference ID: AIDE

Application deadline: 2021-08-20

Masking protocol at all times, daily COVID screening for all staff, PPEs on hand etc.

Qualifications Required